Introducing “Investment Community”, a podcast for investment professionals.

You can listen to the 2-minute trailer here.

My guests will be the most insightful players in the financial markets ecosystem:

  • The most experienced fund managers and analysts
  • The CEOs and CIOs of investment firms
  • The asset consultants who evaluate those managers and firms
  • The multi-managers who allocate to them.

Most of the conversations will be about life in the public markets. And I’ll also be in conversation with players who operate in the private markets, and with entrepreneurs who have taken their private companies public. 

I often say that investment management is hard, and the soft stuff is the hardest part. Each of my guests has grappled with this soft stuff, which is psychological, relational, and cultural. 

I’ll be teasing out the insights of my guests into both the hard stuff and the soft stuff of investment management.

Each conversation is designed to help you get even better at what you do.