Anet Ahern is the CEO of PSG Asset Management, a position she’s held since 2013.

She started her investment career in 1986 at Allan Gray, after which she became a fund manager at Syfrets Managed Assets.

She later moved on to be CIO and CEO of BOE Asset Management, and then became CEO of Sanlam Multi Manager International, before taking on her current role at PSG.

Anet is the longest-standing female CFA charterholder in South Africa.

Anet and I had a wide-ranging conversation that I found fascinating. You can listen to the podcast here.

Some surprising moments:

  • How it felt to be mistaken for the tea-lady
  • How repositioning a portfolio can feel like swapping children
  • How important empathy is for investment professionals.

We also discussed:

  • How to change the trajectory of your career
  • How to develop a psychological edge
  • How to create a winning culture.